Freedom Rock donated by Heartland Asphalt

Giant Rock Donated to American Legion Post 110

Heartland Asphalt takes great pride in supporting America's heroes, our troops and veterans! Heartland Asphalt had the pleasure of donating and delivering a 6-ton boulder to the American Legion Post 110 in Manly, IA. The boulder was discovered in our rock quarry several years ago. The American Legion contacted Heartland about acquiring the boulder to turn into an ornamental memorial to honor those who have served our country. Heartland was delighted to donate the boulder to the Legion and greatly appreciates the opportunity to support an organization that does so much for our veterans, especially because many of our employees have a personal connection to a veteran and the American Legion. The boulder was delivered in November of 2017 and has since been completed and proudly displayed in front of the American Legion Building.

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